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Paris, the world knows that name, not to mention the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame,  the Louvre museum,  les Champs Elysées,  the Garnier Opera,  la rue de la Paix (road of Peace),  L’arc de Triomphe , Lido , Moulin  Rouge,  Maxime, Fouquets, the Ritz Hotel,  the George V hotel, Dior ,Balenciaga ,Chanel, Cartier, Boucheron ,  Guerlin...

Paris,  a city loadede with history,  a symbole of elegance and surely one of the world’s greatest cultures,  one of the most beautiful towns in the world,  a city that keeps dreams alive,  a town with it’s own personality but most of all,  a town that doesn’t forget it’s past.

We have now moved to the southern part of France. We were born in Paris,  lived,  studied and worked there for over 40 years,  yet we still do not know all that there is to know about paris. We’ve never been in certain districts. We haven’t seen all the monuments or museums. Places for shows,  concerts,  operas,  theaters,  cabarets and cinemas are uncountable. Paris is also a town in constant evolution and renovation. In the past few years,  we have seen most of her principal monuments get resored:Paris is nevertheless as pretty as ever ! can one offer a weekend in Paris ?

We often go back to Paris as tourists even though our children live there but we prefer our own liberty so we reserve a room at the Ibis hotel Place d’Italie. There are probably some other hotels with better prices and as comfortable but we don’t really trust old hotels  with bad isolation,  which are very noisy inside and out.
To be able to enjoy Paris,  one must have a good night’s rest with a good bed and that’s the assurance we get with these modern chains/hotels.

We do what some french people would call "brunch" (have a real “English” breakfast) so that we do not lose alot of time and we must add that the breakfast they serve at the Ibis is rather correct. In the evening,  we have our own cantine (canteen) not too far so that we don’t have to stay out at impossible hours in such a big town : the canteen is called Hippopotamus.
It is situated in the same building as the cinema Grand Ecran, Place d’Italie, the quality and prices are excellent and it’s personnel members are as kind as they are attentif,  something that we must admit is getting rare nowadays in Paris. Working in Paris is tiring that we know ! It is a personal choice that has its ups and downs and other opportunities with it.
Around 4 or 5pm,  we sometimes stop at a café or in a tea room it depends on what we were doing.
Another advantage : la place d’Italie is a knot for all transport going to the center. It is out of question to use your car in Paris ! One must be very attentif. Considering the price of a day, it would be a waste of time, and what is more, you pay for your transport in addition of your other expenses. You might, as well, take the bus and to see something interesting.

When we prepare a trip to Paris  we visit the Parisian’s office of tourism website, it is a MUST do that can be of great use when reserving public tansport tickets ; the low prices offered not to mention any possible (upcoming or recently over) strikes.
That’s how we visited the exposition of collectioner at the “Carroussel du Louvre” in September 2005. We are also antique hobbyists. During our last trip in February 2006, we managed to see the holiday on Ice show au zenith and the exceptionnal exposition of the Dresde treasures in the Versailles Palace.

As for show reservations, we highly recommend you the ticetac website that hasn’t decieved us yet.

Visiting Paris with good weather is best ; Paris has beautiful days during the year but they are rare, there isn’t a specific time that will always be perfect.
Two days is a bit short but for those who have the opportunity, a RTT or a long weekend May/June would be good timing weatherwise in Paris.

How can one offer a weekend in Paris?

There are so many possible options, so we will just tell you what we chose : we chose a couple with children betweetn 6 and 16 years old. From this point of view, we excluded long visits to monuments and museums but left the essential : Paris ‘ History. We also chose some universal but fun places for the young ones.

If ever you go to Paris’ Historical Center, we strongly advise you the cars rouges     (red bus), they are touristical busses who often visit the city’s main monuments. One can use them for two days and the ticket can be bought at any bus stop, the route can be started anywhere and at all times and can also be visited as often as necessary. If the weather is good, one can go on the upper roofless floor.
What we are offering is only one choice out of a million ; different occasions might give other propositions.

In the evening, one mustn’t miss the lighting up of the Eiffel Tower which is  seeable from any bare spot in Paris. The best spot is L’esplanade Trocadéro. If your budget allows it, we highly advise you a stroll in a riverboat on the Seine. One should anyhow make sure that the monuments will be lighted (the Tourism Office gives that type of information). It would be a wonderful sight that can only leave one with undying memories!...

We advise you to follow the following lines with  the mouse because most of these links will enable you to open some windows of the principal monuments you have read about them  at the beginning of this page or atleast those you preferred, so do not hesitate, open our albums at the end of this consultation. We also propose 3 video clips and one diaporama :
-The passage d’une écluse 1Mo, the deafenning spectacular sound of water
-The rollers au pont de Notre Dame 8Mo (ADSL strongly advised)
- " Paris as we love it " diaporama HD you can see it full screen with QuickTime
(ADSL strongly advised) 37 Mo
-”Ils ont chanté l’amour à Paris” 3, 4Mo a medlay of some of the most famous songs done by mythical artists.
- the sky of Paris diaporama
Our videos will be opened in another window whilst charging that way you can continue reading.

We sincerly hope that we helped make your next trip to our beautiful Capital better.

The crew

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